HP Top

Writer, teacher, radio guy, digital media professional


I have written several feature articles for various NYC publications, including The Villager, East Villager News, Chelsea Now, The Brooklyn Paper, and Downtown Express with a primary focus on events, organizations and artists that occupy the intersection of art and technology. I've written many academic pieces on these topics as well. 



From 2013-2015, I was an adjunct Professor at Hofstra University's Herbert School of Communications in the Dept. of Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations.  Course I taught include Media in Pop Culture, Media Literacy, Theories of Media, and Media History. I've also been a guest lecturer on remix culture at SVA and The New School. e magna.

Digital Media

I have worked in the digital media industry since 1997, primarily in advertising and broadcast media.  Some of my stops along the way included Agency.com, Bates/141 Interactive, Oxygen Media, and VH1.  The majority of my digital career has been spent as a senior content producer and product manager, with a specialties in community & social, SEO, and analytics. 


Sound & Vision

My sound pieces have been heard on PRX Remix Radio, GMFE Sound Experience in Chicago, Toronto’s 2011 Deep Wireless Festival and Streaming Festival, Sixth Edition.  My videos haven't been seen anywhere, because I haven't sent them anywhere to be seen. Oh, except Coney Island Film Festival, who screened a silly 2 minute film I made.

Radio Free Brooklyn

I am the co-founder and Program Director of Radio Free Brooklyn, a community freeform Internet radio station serving the artists and residents of Brooklyn, NY and beyond. Listen in to what's happening on the station right now but clicking the play button on the right. 

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