Wall of Lies


In fall of 2020, in the weeks before the presidential election, I collaborated with visual artist Phil Buehler on the “Wall of Lies,” a 50-foot by 10-foot outdoor mural with the 20,000+ lies told by Donald Trump while in office, documented and fact-checked by The Washington Post. The piece was orginally shown in Bushwick, Brooklyn, at 12 Grattan Street.

On Sunday October 4th, the wall was visited by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who also agreed to sit for an interview with me during the on-air live broadcast on Radio Free Brooklyn I was doing at the site at the time of his arrival.

In the overnight hours of October 7-8, the Wall of Lies was vandalized with Pro-Trump and white supremacist slogans, including “Vote Trump or Die” and “Stand Back and Stand By.” The latter was a phrase, directed at the white supremacist group Proud Boys, uttered by Donald Trump during the first 2020 presidential debate, and subsequently adopted by the group as a rallying cry. Rather than backing down, Phil and I launched a gofundme campaign to have the wall resurrected.

We raised enough money to create a second wall which was 100 ft. long – twice as long as the original – at the corner of Lafayette and Grand Streets in lower Manhattan.

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